Theresia Tanzil

Lead Solutions Architect, Scrapinghub

A Full Stack Engineer turned Data Engineer, Theresia is interested in helping businesses find technical and non-technical solutions to business and human problems.

After graduating from Bina Nusantara University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Theresia develops her knowledge and experience in web technologies, data engineering, business intelligence, and business process automation in her career across multiple industries since 2007. She picked up horizontal skills and gained exposure to different verticals. From news writing & intelligence analysis, digital ad & web consulting, online & offline media monitoring, Big Data usage and research in public & development sector, and web data mining & automation.

Theresia has been working remotely from 2010 for local and international companies. Her personal areas of research is in information architecture, the future of work, and the ultimate meta skills of: how to get things into, out of, and across heads (how to learn, create, and communicate).