Khushboo Nangalia

Founder, BEYOND99

Khushboo is an entrepreneur, award-winning marketer and founder of BEYOND99 – a global digital growth agency based out of Malaysia.

As a Global Goodwill Ambassador (Malaysia) and WEForShe Ambassador – she believes in paying it forward to inspire future leaders and rise by lifting others.

She started early at 17 with over a decade of experience now she's an expert in Business Storytelling, Millennial Marketing, Digital Marketing & Linkedin Marketing – with a reputation as one of the most dynamic and accomplished young leaders (under 30) in the increasingly important area of digital marketing.

In the past, apart from several mentions some of her notable achievements are as follow:
- ‘100 Most Influential Youth Marketing Leader’ Award by CMO Asia & World Federation of Marketing
- 'Women Business Leaders in Malaysia' Award by World CSR and World Sustainability
- 'Excellence & Leadership in Branding & Marketing' by The Golden Globe Tiger Awards
- ‘Top 9 Marketers to Follow in Malaysia’ by Marketing in Asia, an online magazine
- Youngest invited member of ’Top Voices Malaysia’ - 30 Most Influential People on LinkedIn
- 'Top LinkedIn Icons in Malaysia' by TheSunDaily
- TEDx speaker on ‘Power of Business Storytelling’ in 2018

1140 - 1225 PM

(27/10/2020) Tuesday

Panel 1: Woman in Tech: The challenges, the motivations and closing the gap

Moderator: Khushboo Nangalia, Founder, BEYOND99


  • Goh Ai Ching, CEO, Piktochart
  • Theresia Tanzil, Lead Solutions Architect, Scrapinghub
  • Natalie Sit, CEO, AceStar Sdn Bhd

This panel will discuss the challenges and rewards of women working in the modern tech industry.

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