Serm Teck Choon

Co-founder and CEO, Antsomi

Serm Teck Choon is passionate about using digital to help businesses transform. Serm is the co-founder & CEO of Antsomi, a marketing technology company building the first artificial intelligence-enabled customer data platform, CDP 365, in Southeast Asia, empowering companies to unify and activate their customer data. Serm was formerly Malaysia Country Head at CtrlShift and Digital Products Head at Star Media Group.

Serm actively involves in industry initiatives. Serm was elected as President of the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) twice and served from Mar 2016 till Apr 2020. He worked closely with industry leaders to drive MDA's key initiatives, such as digital measurement standards, Digital Wednesday, MDA School, MDA Video Series, and d Awards.

Serm is an active industry thought leader and is regularly invited by various media to share his views on the digital developments. He is also a sought-after speaker in digital-related conferences, and mentor/judge for start-up competitions.

0955 - 1020 AM

(27/10/2020) Tuesday

The 3 Key Stages to Build A Data-driven Customer Journey

Speaker: Serm Teck Choon, Co-founder and CEO, Antsomi

Building a data-driven customer journey is key to digital transformation. This session will review the three key stages to build a data-driven customer journey so companies can become a customer-centric organisation.

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