Nixon Lee

Partner, Spine Interactive

Nix Lee is the Co-founder of Spine PR one of the fastest-growing content distribution company in Malaysia. Nix grew an idea from scratch to a 7 Figure Company. We help entrepreneurs, SEO & marketing agencies get traffic and leads within 24-48 hours. By broadcasting their offer and content to major news sites and platforms. visit Nix’s private group at to skill up and build your business. Building online businesses and creating freedom for those who want it.

0900 - 0945 AM

(19/5/2020) Tuesday

5 Easy Ways To Use Media Exposure To Get More Traffic, Leads & Boost Your SEO

Nixon Lee, Partner, Spine Interactive

How a business can use this 5 easy steps to leverage media exposure and build a solid PR strategy to promote their brand to get more traffic and even boost their rankings on search engines.
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