Natasya Sunarto

Communication Design Manager, Piktochart

Natasya has a strong Visual Communication background with expertise in both digital and print graphic design. With eight years of experience working with global companies, she helped brands to convey impactful stories through visuals. In Piktochart, Natasya leads the Communication Design team, the team behind all the assets that you saw in Piktochart's branding and the Piktochart editor itself; from templates to icons and illustrations. She is passionate about visual storytelling and to support Piktochart users achieving success through business storytelling.

1050 - 1110 AM

(27/10/2020) Tuesday

Visual Storytelling for Social Media: Building Scroll-stopper Visuals

Speaker: Natasya Sunarto, Communication Design Manager, Piktochart

In the era of digitalisation, we’re constantly bombarded with countless social media updates. Being the most extensive channel of digital advertisement, the competition in social media is high. Done wrong, that one post that you spent days or weeks to plan will sink to the bottom of the sea (of posts). I’m sharing some useful visual storytelling tips that you can apply immediately to build those scroll-stopper visuals. HINT: It’s more than just the design. Let’s get your business noticed and upscale your presence in social media!

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