Jonath Lee

Consultant & Designer, JLEX Creative

Started off as a Multimedia Designer working with various agencies and organisations in crafting Flash interactive presentation, websites, 2D and 3D animations back in 2004. He subsequently discovers the wonder of the online world where he started to focus in designing customer-centric digital products such as website, mobile, and web-app.

From a design geek who work behind the scene, he now works closely with startups and businesses from business development level to marketing & branding activities, establishing modern customer-centric businesses.

He subsequently started JLEX Creative, a small creative design firm dedicated in helping businesses in establishing their presence online from ideation, business development, to crafting customer-centric digital products such as website, web and mobile apps.

1030 - 1115 AM

(18/5/2020) Monday

Optimize your WordPress for Speed & Performance

Jonath Lee, Consultant & Designer, JLEX Creative

Best practices to optimize your WordPress website performance from features, functions, plugins, media types and usages, to load speed performance with optimization and caching mechanism.
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