Eileen Khor

Head of Creative Innovatio, ADA

Passionate about digital and branding, Eileen started her career in television and digital branded content programming. She then move to advertising industry where she expanded her portfolio to include strategic planning, brand development, account servicing, project management, creative and art direction, social media management, digital content strategy and development.
From building a brand’s identity to app and website development, Eileen believes in the importance of good UI/UX and CX. Over the years, she has provided both art & creative direction across industries ranging from retail, FMCG, automotive, financial services, insurance, telco, property and technology, with Axiata Group, Samsung, Boost, Timberland, Gap, La Senza, Tune Insurance, Prego, Pepsico, Tropicana, Quaker, Allianz, and EcoWorld among her key accounts.

1115 - 1200 PM

(19/5/2020) Tuesday

Re:think Website Content and Design

Eileen Khor, Head of Creative Innovatio, ADA

First impression matters. So does your website. But in today’s fast paced digital world, if you are planning to build your website or redesigning your web presence, what should you focus on first? In this session, I’ll be sharing 5 tips on website design, content and communication strategy.
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