Dato’ Vince Kek

Founder & CEO, One Ping Group

Dato' Vince Kek graduated from bachelor’s degree in computer sciences and then Master of Information System (MIS) and now pursuing his Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA). He is debuting his tech entrepreneurial talent since 2014 after engaged with 400 plus IT project throughout his 17+ years in IT industry. Having a strong positivity mind-set and continuously commitment to achieve outstanding success in IT fields, Dato' Vince Kek won numerous awards under his belts including Top IT Services Malaysia Merdeka Award, The Best ICT Services & Solutions Brand, 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur and more. In fact, he was one of the invited speakers for Asian Legal Alliance Conference events at Vietnam, season speaker at few Universities, featured in Top 10 Malaysia, featured in CSR Malaysia Magazine, and be invited to radio FM interview, and many social media LIVE sharing. Recently been interview by British Publishing House, London UK, and accepted be part of their highly accredited personalities in the second edition of encyclopedia in “Successful People in Malaysia”.