Bhanu Ahluwalia

Chief Marketing Officer, Rank Math SEO

My name is Bhanu Ahluwalia, I’m one of the founders and partners of MyThemeShop and Rank Math.

Prior to my work at MyThemeShop, and only just shortly after I graduated from the International Institute of Technology Training with a degree in Computers Technology, I was a social media consultant at Digg & StumbleUpon.

In 2015, we found that none of the SEO plugins available on the market were complete solutions that had everything that we as well as other WordPress users needed, so we started developing an SEO plugin for our own internal use. Over three and a half years later, the demand for us to release the plugin publicly was quickly growing, so we decided to do so in late 2018 and it was very well-received by the community having grown to over 300,000 active installations.